Engagement Case Study

Engagement at MATS

The MATS event platform is designed to facilitate deeper engagement between exhibitors and their target audiences, with face-to-face solutions including:

  • Live Demos
  • Seminars
  • Industry Events
  • Private Events
  • Sponsorship Programs
  • Ride-N-Drives
  • Hospitality
  • Training/Education
  • Press Events

The Benefit of coming to MATS is the ability to be face-to-face with our customers and engage them one-on-one.


Technology Company

MATS Solutions Utilized

  • Exhibit Space
  • Digital Sponsorship
  • Media One-on-one
  • Seminars
  • On-site Sponsorship
  • Advertising
  • Give-away Promotion

The Mid-America Trucking Show provides Truckstop.com direct, face-to-face engagement with the entire trucking industry. This allows Truckstop.com to garner feedback, inform product roadmap, launch new products, connect with current and new customers, and so much more at one event.

Exhibitors engage existing customers and develop relationships at MATS

“The real benefit of truckstop.com coming to MATS really is the relational aspect. We’re a cloud-based solution so we’re not face-to-face with our customers on a regular basis. When we come to MATS we’re able to be face-to-face with our customers and actually engage them one-on-one. We’re able to talk to them, to give them a high five, we’re able to hear their feedback and get good information about how their businesses are running. And that can help us plan for the future of what kind of solutions we need to be working on.”

Exhibitors win new customers at MATS with face-to-face interaction

“We’ve launched our products at MATS because of its significant audience. If we have something new this is where the bulk of those customers are in a face-to-face environment so if we make an announcement it’s not just an internet bleep. It’s us being here with them and really making that connection so we can really answer any question they have and it gives us a good place to light the fire, if you will.”

MATS diverse attendee/exhibitor base can influence future business strategies and partnerships

“MATS is unique because it brings everybody in this industry together. We’re a technology company, but right down from us is an equipment based company. So our business models are probably very different but the customer that we share are the same. So we’re able to see the solutions, and the problems outside of just our business. So it gives us a better holistic picture of what the industry is actually doing and where we fit into that picture.”

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