Exhibitor Alert

The tradeshow and event industries are plagued by fraudulent companies targeting show participants with solicitations of services which are no more than scams. To serve the interests of our exhibitors, here are a few of the scams and fraudulent companies that we are currently aware of. These companies are increasingly targeting large tradeshows so be wary of any solicitations you receive from non-Official Vendors for any events you participate in. If anyone approaches you with similar solicitations referencing MATS, please contact us immediately.

Database/Email List Rental

The following companies have targeted MATS exhibitors offering MATS attendee contact lists, email address lists, etc. Please be aware that this is a scam and these companies are in no way authorized or affiliated with MATS. They do not have access to any of our data; as per our privacy policy, we do not sell our attendee data to third parties.

  • • APTA Marketing Solution
  • • Promise Data
  • • Delta Info
  • • Elist Info
  • • Marketing Prosper


The following companies, known as housing poachers, have solicited exhibitors offering discounted hotel rooms. When booking hotel rooms for MATS, you should consult the Exhibitor Hotel List available in the Event Manager.

  • • The Convention Housing Authority
  • • Convention Housing Services
  • • Global Housing Services, Corp.
  • • HLS Global


  • • FAIR GUIDE (aka Construct Data Publishers) has contacted MATS exhibitors via US mail with an offer to advertise their companies/exhibits in the FAIR GUIDE publication, which requires a three-year contract that costs approximately $1,700 per year.

Please contact exhibit@truckingshow.com with any questions or concerns.

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