Exhibitor FAQ


  • What is the Payment Schedule? When is the final payment due?

    For companies submitting their applications before January 1, a 50% deposit is required with application and the balance is due by January 1. 

    For companies submitting their applications on or after January 1, the entire balance is due with application.

  • Is security provided?

    In addition to KEC's on-site security, show management provides perimeter security around the facility during all show hours.  During the evening, after show hours, the facility is locked down, with roaming guards patrolling the show floor. Exhibitors have the option to hire additional security, specifically for their own booth location.

  • Can I update my online and Show Directory exhibitor listing?

    Yes, if any of the contact information provided has changed or if you need to update your product description, you can update your listing by sending the requested changes to your MATS sales contact at least 30 days out from the first day of the show.

  • What hours will I need to staff my booth?

    Thursday VIP - 10AM to 1PM

    Thursday - 1PM to 6PM

    Friday - 10AM to 6PM

    Saturday - 9AM to 4PM

    We suggest arriving on-site at least 1 hour before the show opens to allow time to get to your booth and prepare for the day.


  • How many booth personnel badges do I receive with my booth?

    Each exhibiting company is allotted (6) six complimentary booth personnel badges for a 10x10 booth and (2) additional personnel badges for each additional 100 square feet of exhibit space. Additional badges beyond this allotment will need to be requested in advance and approved in writing by Show Management. Please contact your salesperson if you require additional badges beyond your allotment.

  • When will we receive our booth personnel badges?

    Booth personnel badges can be picked up in the North Lobby Exhibitor Registration Area, on-site during the show, according to the following schedule:
    Tuesday 12PM-5PM
    Wednesday 9AM-5PM
    Thursday 8AM-5PM
    Friday 9AM-5PM

  • What are VIP badges? How can I order them for my important customers?

    A VIP badge will entitle your important customers to attend the VIP Session of MATS, Thursday 10AM-1PM and all the General Sessions of MATS (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). In order to register your customers as VIPs, you will need to email them your VIP Registration Link, available in the Registration Dashboard. Once they complete the process, they will receive their confirmation email which can be brought to any registration area so their VIP Badge can be printed.

  • Can I purchase the registration list?

    We do not offer the registration list for sale, but we do rent individual occupation categories from our registration list. The list rental is available to current year exhibitors only. Only mailing data is available for rent (No phone, fax, or email) and the list is for a one-time rental use only. Processing typically takes 48 hours. The Mailing List Rental Form can be found in the Event Manager.

Booth Design

  • What is included with our exhibit space?

    Each linear booth (inline & corner) includes an 8’ back drape, 3’ side drapes and an 11” x 17” ID sign with your company name and booth number. In addition, Recruitment Center booths include carpet, 6’ black skirted table, 2 folding chairs, and a wastebasket, per 10x10 booth. Bulk spaces do not include drapery, carpet, furnishings, etc. Additional booth furnishings are available for rent through Genesis Exposition Services.

  • Can we hang a sign or banner?

    Peninsulas, split islands and island exhibits are permitted hanging signs. Linear exhibits (in-line or corner) are not permitted hanging signs above their exhibits, with the exception of perimeter exhibits. For additional details on ceiling height limitations and regulations, please visit the Exhibit Display Regulations.

  • Do we need to submit our booth design for review?

    Exhibitors with exhibits 400 square feet or larger and all multi-level exhibits must submit scaled engineering drawings of their exhibit space for Show Management approval. Plans should be submitted to Show Management for approval a minimum of 60 days prior to the first day of the show or within two (2) weeks of Show Management’s acceptance of the Exhibitor’s Application, whichever is earlier.

Freight and Shipping

  • What is Material Handling/Drayage? Who is the Official Drayage Contractor at MATS?

    Material handling includes the unloading of your exhibit materials (freight) from your designated carrier, storage for up to 2 weeks prior to your move-in, delivery to your booth, the handling of empty containers to and from storage, and the removal of material from your booth for reloading onto your designated carrier after the show has ended. Material handling does not include the cost to transport your exhibit material to and from the show. If you have questions please contact KEC Freight.

  • When can I ship my products / materials to MATS?

    Exhibitor shipments can arrive up to 14 days prior to the first day of the show and even during the show. For any show-critical items, we suggest ensuring that those materials arrive prior to your move-in day to ensure a seamless install.

  • How should I label my exhibit materials?

    Proper labeling identifies your shipments and ensures safe and timely movement. Labels should be placed on both the long and short sides of each crate or box. Labels are provided in the Event Manager under Shipping & Freight Handling. At the Kentucky Expo Center, the address for the advanced warehouse and direct to show site are the same.  Labels should contain the following information:    

    Mid-America Trucking Show        [Booth Number]
    Exhibitor Name        [Phone Number]

    LOUISVILLE, KY 40209    

    Shipping labels should be placed on each piece of your shipment. The shipping information must match the bill of lading information exactly, and your labels must be legible and complete. If you have questions please contact KEC Freight

  • What happens to my empty containers during the show?

    Labeled empty containers will be picked up from the booth periodically during move-in and stored in a non-accessible storage area during the show. “Empty” labels are available at the KEC Freight Desk in the East and West Halls. All empty containers should be affixed with "Empty" labels once they are ready to be stored. At the close of the show, the labeled empty containers will be returned to the booth. A Move-Out Schedule will be provided in the Event Manager .

  • Can I unload my own freight at the Kentucky Expo Center?

    At MATS, Exhibitors are permitted to unload any items that can be hand carried in themselves. All freight and exhibit materials must be moved in and out through overhead doors with the following exceptions:

    • The lobby pedestrian doors may be used for hand-carrying booth items and for transporting items on wheels. 
    • Any items with wheels, including luggage and 2 wheel dollies, must have a total weight of less than 50 pounds and no more than 28” in width.

    Motorized vehicles may NOT be parked outside any building, in the horse barn areas, in any fire lane, or any sidewalk, at any loading dock or any other area unless this area is designated as a parking space. All unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

Booth Installation and Dismantling

  • My booth will include a vehicle or large equipment, how can I move it in?

    Those Exhibitors that will have a vehicle or large equipment (trailer, truck body, etc.), should pay close attention to the vehicle move-in window for their booth (Available in the Move-In Schedule). Your vehicle/equipment must be cleaned and ready to move-in by the start of your move-in window. Please check in with the Move-In Coordinator (Exhibitor Services Desk) once your vehicle is ready to move-in. For those with trailers, it is highly recommended that you contract with the Trailer Delivery Service. They have yard tractors that can maneuver down the aisles and make tight turns, whereas most trucks/drivers cannot. Please inform your salesperson if you will have a vehicle or any large equipment in your booth, so that we can add your equipment to the master schedule.

  • Where is my booth located?
    If your booth begins with a:
    1 North Wing - 10000s
    2 East Hall - 20000s
    3 South Wing - 30000s
    4 Lobby Areas - 40000s
    6 West Wing - 60000s
    7 Pavilion - 70000s
    9 Outdoor/ Ride N Drive - 90000s
    Floor Plan
  • Can I set-up my own booth?

    Yes, Exhibitors are permitted to perform work in their own booth, with the exception of any work that requires the use of motorized lifting or material handling equipment.

  • When can we begin dismantling our booth?

    Research proves that sales are made even the last hour of a show. MATS dismantle time begins promptly at 4PM on Saturday. Do not begin dismantling your display or packing your product until the show officially ends. When you are packed and ready to go, complete your outbound bill of landing and turn it in at the Freight Service Desk in the East or West Halls. KEC Material Handling will pick up your freight from your booth and load it onto your designated carrier.

Exhibitor Events


  • Where can I pick up a show directory?

    Show Directories are available at all registration entrances to the show. Please see the tables just outside of Registration to pick-up your complimentary copy.

  • Where can I find something to eat?

    Concession stands are located throughout each wing of the Kentucky Expo Center. For sit-down dining options, visit the main indoor food courts in the South Wing & Pavilion or the large tented outdoor food court located in the Conference Room parking lot just outside the South Wing.

  • Is Wi-Fi available at the Kentucky Exposition Center?

    Wi-Fi is available throughout the Kentucky Expo Center. Cost varies based on level of access and can be determined by clicking on the “Available Wireless Network” on your mobile device and accessing the payment page of the internet connection.

Regulation / Safety

  • Do I need insurance?

    Yes, all exhibitors are required to have General Liability coverage in effect for all move-in, show, and move-out days. For details on coverage limits, additional insureds, etc., please visit Exhibitor Planning.

  • Can I have someone paged?

    We are unable to make pages or announcements during show hours. We suggest that, prior to entering the show, you pre-arrange a meeting place should a member of your group get separated from the rest of the group. Also, please keep a close watch on any minors. If a minor has been separated from his/her group, please immediately report it to a First Aid station or one of the Show Management offices.

  • Is smoking allowed on-site?

    No, the Kentucky Expo Center is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is permitted outdoors at a minimum of 10’ from any entrance doors.

Travel / Hotel / Parking

  • Do you have suggestions on things to do and see while in Louisville?

    As anyone who comes here soon discovers, Louisville is one of the most uniquely authentic destinations on the planet. We're an entirely different type of Southern. From boundary pushing twists on Southern cuisine that have made us one of the “10 Best New Food Cities” in America to our one and only Urban Bourbon Experience™, featuring the world’s only, city-wide trail filled with award-winning micro-distilleries, exhibits and craft cocktail destinations. Then discover one-of-a-kind attractions like the legendary Churchill Downs, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, and the Muhammad Ali Center. And that’s just your first day here.

    Things to Do while you're in Louisville


    Places to Eat and Drink


  • How much is parking? How do I order exhibitor parking passes?

    Parking is $10/day. We provide a limited number of parking passes to Exhibitors, based on booth size. Parking passes do not need to be ordered in advance, your allotted parking passes are available at the North Lobby Exhibitor Registration Area, according to the following schedule:
    Tuesday 12PM-5PM
    Wednesday 9AM-5PM
    Thursday 8AM-5PM
    Friday 9AM-5PM

  • My vehicle was towed, where do I need to go?

    If your vehicle was towed, please visit the Kentucky Exposition Center Security Office (entrance on the south side of the building, between Freedom Hall and the North Wing Lobby or call (502) 367-5360.

    The Kentucky Exposition Center is in charge of the enforcement of all parking regulations and the towing of any unauthorized vehicles; MATS Show Management does not have any control over parking enforcement/towing.