Exposure Case Study

Exposure at MATS

The MATS event platform is designed to provide exhibitors exposure to the entire trucking industry, making it the ideal marketing solution to:

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Bring Products to Market
  • Market Research
  • Customer Relations

MATS really helped us launch the brand and be a huge success in the market.

Uniroyal Tires

Manufacturer - Tires

MATS Solutions Utilized

  • Exhibit Space
  • Media One-on-one
  • Advertising
  • Give-away Promotion

The Mid-America Trucking Show provides Uniroyal Tire access to a cross-section of the trucking industry helping them successfully launch new products/services, conduct market research to inform the development of future products, connect with OEMs and customers, and build their brand with distributors and end-users.

MATS helps exhibitors to successfully bring products to market and build brand awareness

“MATS is a great opportunity to grow our business. Both for the meeting side and learning and working with our OEM partners, as well as opportunities to communicate our service and product offers like we did with Uniroyal last year. It really helped us launch the brand and be a huge success in the market”

MATS attendance is the largest in the industry - composed of a wide range of different professionals

“It’s one of the most highly attended shows. The diversity of the crowd is really important for us to have the opportunity to talk and educate a lot of different types of people. We see everything from our OEM partners and we see our competition. We see people in products and services and everything in between. All of our customers, from a small owner, to large fleets to owner operators.”

MATS offers exhibitors opportunities to conduct market research

“This is the show for us because these are the individuals that are using our products on a day-to-day basis, they’ve seen it for years in the field, and we are getting to hear first-hand about our products and our services. These conversations are so meaningful and really help me understand the customers better so we can work together and communicate with them better in the future.”

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