Pete Emahiser

Pete Emahiser

Owner/Operator Broker

    • Company Name:
    • Tadmore Transportation LLC
    • MATS Attendance
    • Has been to MATS more than 3 times.
    • Hometown:
    • Toledo, OH
    • Years in the Industry:
    • 30 Years

How did you get started in the Trucking Industry?

I have 30 Years, Under a truck, On a Truck, Unloading a Truck, Talking to a Truck. Started in a Warehouse in 1990 where I made local deliveries. I now own and Operate a Brokerage (MC709413) Tadmore Transportation LLC out of Toledo,. OH

What about MATS is most valuable to you?

The Face to Face in Invaluable; as a Moderator of Rate Per Mile Masters; MATS give me the chance to meet a TON Of Members at on event. We have always hung around either Triumph or DAT - there is talk of us getting our own Booth this Year.

What advice do you have for other trucking professionals?

Make the Decision to make it and don't stop till you do; and when you "make it" - you still dont Stop.


For the last 10 Years Own/operate a Brokerage (MC709413). Since 2014 have worked with Chad Boblett, Moderating Rate Per Mile Masters on Facebook. I sit on SCUBA (SONAR Customer and Users Board of Advisors) for Freightwaves.

What are some organizations or associations you are involved in or awards you've recieved?

Rate Per Mile Masters; OOIDA; BITA (Blockchain In Transportation Alliance) ; Toledo Trucking Association; Toledo Trucking Club ; SCUBA (SONAR Customer and Users Board of Advisers)

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Carrier / Fleet Owner / Consultant / Influencer

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