RoadWorks Manufacturing

RoadWorks Manufacturing

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"If you’re at MATS, it means that you are somebody... This is where everybody gets to know your name."

The Mid-America Trucking Show connects RoadWorks to a global marketplace of trucking industry buyers, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers - helping develop connections to grow their business from regional to an international level.

Exhibiting at MATS will facilitate relationships that grow your business

“This is where I have met the international business that I have now. We were very much regional, and then we finally stretched out and became national, and now we are international. We meet those international people here. Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europeans, we even ship into Russia now and we met those people here.”

MATS is a key event on the trucking industry calendar

“We come every year. It’s the one show that I believe is the most “Must Do” occasion to be at. It’s the “See and Be Seen”. We see all of our friends here, we meet new people here. We display our wares, we give out thousands of catalogs while we’re here. The traffic is tremendous, and if we don’t do anything else in a year, we would do this.”

Exhibiting at MATS positions you alongside industry leading companies

“If you’re at Louisville, it means that you are somebody. This is where you become national. This is where everybody gets to know your name. This is where all the national brands are. If that’s the arena in which you wish to play, then you just must be here."

Additional Exhibitor Success Stories

Want to exhibit in 2020? Request exhibit space or call a sales manager at 502.899.3892.

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