Show Contractors

Every year, we field questions regarding which contractors are approved to work on the show floor at MATS, which services are exclusive, and what steps must be taken when bringing a contractor in to perform services at the show. Please refer to the following for any questions regarding services on the show floor.
  • Genesis Exposition Services

    Official Services Contractor
    11001 Decimal Drive,
    Louisville, Kentucky 40299-2419
    T: (502) 266-5101
    (Exclusive for rigging, sign hanging, ceiling work, etc.)

  • Kentucky Exposition Center

    Utilities, Drayage Contractor
    937 Phillips Lane
    Louisville, KY 40209
    T: (502) 367-5321
    (Exclusive for all utilities and drayage)

  • Levy Restaurants

    T: (502) 614-7841
    (Exclusive for catering)

  • Smart City

    T: (502) 815-6600
    (Exclusive for Internet & Telecommunications)

  • UPS Freight

    T: (800) 988-9889
    (Official Show Carrier)

  • Exhibit Management Associates

    1404 Browns Lane, Suite E
    Louisville, KY 40207
    T: (502) 899-3892
    MATS Show Management, Enforcement of Show Rules & Regulations, etc.

We understand that some exhibitors have long-standing relationships with exhibit management companies and so we do allow exhibitors to work with other third party vendors for non-exclusive services. We encourage you to utilize the official contractors as much as possible, as they have been selected for the efficiencies and quality they bring to the overall show. The larger share of services they provide, the more efficiency they are able to offer. Please note that the Official Services Contractor is the only contractor authorized to be on the show floor prior to the published move-in dates.

For any outside contractors performing services on the show floor, you will need to fill out the EAC Form (log-in to “My Event Manager” under the Exhibitor tab), and provide a valid certificate of insurance meeting the minimum requirements no later than 30 days prior to the opening day of the upcoming MATS. The contractors listed above do not require an EAC Form or certificate of insurance.