Dave Foster PKY Competitor 2016 Best of Show
Working Class

I competed in PKY for 5 years with my 2005 KW W900L Studio. I won a few trophies my first year (2012) and then hit a dry spell for a few years. The Working Class competitors really upped their game so I put in a lot of work to keep up. I came back in 2015 and won 4 trophies and in 2016 I won Best of Show - Working Class. It was the first year that I brought my wife to the show, so it was great that she was there with me when I finally won top honors at the best show in the country. Winning a trophy at any show is great, winning @ Louisville is the highest honor for a custom truck competitor.

 Competing is a ton of work and truly a labor of love. I’m out of the truck competitions for now, focusing on some other goals I have in life. I might compete at PKY in the future, but for now, I’m helping some friends compete and still plan to come to MATS whenever I can. Coming to MATS has always been great for me, my truck, and my business. I get to see tons of new products, meet up with all the best vendors, and catch-up with life-long friends that I’ve made at MATS. I still get together all over the country with friends and vendors I’ve met at MATS. Can’t wait to get back together for MATS 50th!