Marcus Williams
Fedex Freight

Back in the late summer of 2006, I attended truck driving school to receive my CDL. I was 21 years old and was scared to death driving OTR by myself. Since then,  I’ve seen countless sunrises and sunsets in all 48 states. I’ve drove through blizzards, rain storms, and across the dry barren deserts to get essential products in factories and stores. I have put countless miles behind me, missing family, friends, and opportunities - but I can honestly say now from the bottom of my heart it was all worth it. I am left with so many memories of other drivers, shippers & consignees, so many different restaurants with great food, and seeing wild mustangs running through the desert (my favorite memory by the way). In closing, I want to thank MATS for hosting an appreciation show every year to honor my fellow drivers. I always looked forward to taking off for 3 days to attend. Thank you and God bless The United States Of America!