Rick McClerkin Wins Peterbilt's 1 Millionth Truck

On March 23, 2018, McClerkin officially was named Peterbilt’s SuperFan after a search throughout the United States and Canada.

The grand prize, the 1 millionth Peterbilt truck, was a Model 567 Heritage equipped with a Paccar powertrain, including an MX-13 engine, Paccar Automated Transmission and the Paccar 40K rear axle, and featuring custom chrome finishing work was provided by Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, Mo.

Asked what he likes about being a trucker McClerkin said:

“I love being seen in a Peterbilt. I make good money. I’ve been doing the same type of work with my trucks for 45 years, and my customer base is loyal,” McClerkin said. “I do mostly local work. So I’m home every night.”