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    Showcase & launch new products, Build brand awareness, Generate leads, Nurture relationships
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“The biggest reason we would recommend MATS is the size and amount of exposure and connections you can make in one place. The days are long, but the potential is there for you to make connections that will last the lifetime of your business.”

The scope and reach of the Mid-America Trucking Show is unparalleled, providing a tremendous amount of exposure, allowing Mother Trucker Yoga to connect with customers and build relationships that last a lifetime. All at one event, for one price…

MATS is the ideal event to introduce your brand and establish your position within the trucking industry…

“We launched in 2018 as a new trucking company and it allowed us to meet, connect and validate our business and relationships and what we can do for the trucking community and industry at large. That first experience at MATS, we walked away with dozens of leads and several brewing partnerships that are still people and companies we work with today. MATS is such a great place, not only to network for business, but meet and develop new potential clients and customers at every level. It can take weeks, even months to connect via email and phone, MATS allowed us to get our name and face out there in just days.”

There is no better place to launch your product or service than MATS, the largest, most well attended event in Heavy Duty Trucking…

“We launched our subscription service for drivers and companies in 2018. We chose MATS to debut because it's the largest truck show in the US! What better place to do that, than there? We were set to launch our pain relief cream and our book “Trucking Yoga - Simple Fitness for the Long Haul” at MATS in 2020, but COVID had other plans.”

Exhibiting at MATS helps you meet your company’s objectives while building important relationships with your target audience…

“It's always to build brand awareness, generate leads and build relationships. We bring products to sell but we often see that as a bonus, because people like to buy and work with people they know and trust. MATS is a place to start that relationship of trust.”

MATS presents a unique opportunity to build face-to-face connections, drawing a targeted audience of decision makers and professionals within the trucking industry…

“Our biggest challenge is getting face-to-face meetings and building that initial relationship with customers, clients, and companies. Nothing beats face-to-face and at MATS, most all the big players are there, and the pool of drivers is vast. That gives us a lot of outreach potential.”

The in-person environment at MATS allows you to build mutually beneficial relationships with your customers…

“Nothing beats the ability for someone to feel, smell, experience something or someone in person. You can respond in real-time to questions and answers, and get real feedback immediately. When you have a mutual relationship with someone and they can do an introduction in person - nothing beats that.”

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