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Value at MATS

The MATS event platform is designed to maximize exhibitor value, with the efficiency of the industry’s largest, highest-attended event and MATS’ tight cost controls including:

  • Unbeatable Exhibit Space Rates
  • Lowest Drayage Rates
  • Free Exhibitor Parking
  • Free Exhibitor Registration
  • Free VIP Registration
  • Labor Rates Below Industry Avg.
  • Reasonable Exhibitor Hotel Rates

You really get a million dollar's worth of value out of your money spent.

Omer North America

Manufacturer - Lifts

MATS Solutions Utilized

  • Exhibit Space
  • Media One-on-one

The Mid-America Trucking Show controls cost for exhibit space and all other essential exhibitor services to allow companies like Omer North America to focus their efforts on the show and not their budget.

MATS is very affordable for any exhibitors marketing budget

“The is no other show in the commercial business that gives you the bang for your buck that MATS gives you, because not only is the booth space very, very reasonable, all the rest of the exhibitor charges like drayage, forklift use, electrical, they’re extremely reasonable here. Here, they’re very helpful, very fair, very cooperative. You just don’t see that in this business.”

MATS is strategically located to draw a national, and even international, audience

“Location here in Louisville, Kentucky is excellent. You have a good draw from the Southeast and the Northeast, which is very unusual. The big shows today are Orlando, New Orleans, Las Vegas to San Francisco, those leave out the Northeast region, which is a really important part of the country. This is strategically a very good place to have a show. We’ve spoken with people from Ohio, we spoken with people from Lithuania, Canada, etc., so there’s an international flavor here that MATS brings to the show, and we like that.”

MATS allows exhibitors to reach more aspects of the industry more efficiently

“What we see here with MATS is a tremendous cross reference of the industry. You have a cross-section from a single unit driver, up to the largest fleets in the country, and that’s what intrigues us. Part of our reason for being here, is that we’re not only a supplier of lifts, but we also have the heavy-duty equipment line, including tire changers and balancers. We’re reaching and touching a lot of the users when we’re here at the show.”

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