The Largest Annual Heavy-Duty Trucking Event in the World

Held each year at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky the show attracts attendees and exhibitors from throughout the United States and across the globe.


  • "The size and reach of the Mid-America Trucking Show is unparalleled, it’s the largest in the marketplace. To come here, to be able to meet most of our customers in one place, is incredibly valuable to us… Here at Mid-America are our core customers…that owner operator, that small fleet owner, that soon to be medium sized fleet owner who can grow with our business…We invest the most of our dollars from a tradeshow perspective here at this show, and we get the greatest return."

    Brent Hutto / Chief Marketing Officer

  • "MATS provides us a cross-section that is perfect for what we’re trying to do. We wanted to reach a wide range of different players in the trucking industry. Trailer mfgs, Owner- Operators, Fleet companies, Logistics companies, TMS companies. MATS offers us all of them… The feedback we’ve received from interacting with all of these different folks in the industry has been really really valuable!"

    Derek Kuhn / Senior VP


  • "It’s a great show, a great place to make contacts - before, during, and after the show. We really do see a wide range of customers, suppliers, and manufacturers – a wider range than most other shows we go to, just because of its sheer size and central location within the country… We feel that this is just as much bang for the buck as any other big show that’s out there."

    Craig Smith / Marketing Communications Manager

    AXN Heavy Duty

  • "We have a wide range of conversations throughout the course of the event, whether that’s from a single owner operator, up to a large fleet that’s looking to take advantage of all the services that we have to offer. We are able to meet with every single type of customer that we want to meet with, and we’re able to see every type of competitor or business partner that we’d want to be able to meet with, all under one roof, in the period of three days…"

    Evan Perrow / Brand Segment Manager


Special events that enrich your experience

MATS is host to a wide array of special events and educational opportunities that take place on and off the show floor.


PKY Truck Beauty Championship

The PKY Championship is largest grouping of elite, custom show trucks in North America, and One of the star attractions each year.


MATS Concert

Every year Attendees are treated to a complimentary concert on the Friday night of MATS.


Educational Seminars

Seminars provide invaluable information for companies, fleets, and trucking professionals each day of MATS.


Exhibitor Events

MATS hosts many exhibitor special events and showcases. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay up-to-date on everything going on at MATS 2018.