The Mid-America Trucking Show is pleased to host members of the heavy-duty trucking media from around the globe. Access to “Media Only” areas and events are for properly credentialed individuals working as print, broadcast, or website journalists.

Media attendees are provided access to the Media Center in South Wing Conference Room B105 of the Kentucky Exposition Center. The Media Center will be set-up with computers, a copy machine, a fax machine, free wifi, etc. In addition, social areas are set up where light meals are provided by the Media Center Sponsor and a separate Business Center area is available for those seeking a quiet environment to work.

Obtaining Media Credentials

To obtain media credentials, please click on the “Request Media Credentials” link below.

Media credentials are reserved exclusively for working members of the media, including print, broadcast, radio, and online. Bloggers, influencers and new media are welcomed and invited to apply for media credentials. Qualifying materials/references may be required to verify that the company is an editorial/media entity that covers the heavy-duty trucking industry, its members, and/or products, and to verify that the applicant is associated with the company.

Public relations and marketing personnel representing manufacturers do not qualify for media credentials, nor do video production companies representing exhibitors or those that solicit/charge companies to be covered.

MATS media credentials are not transferable. Any credential(s) being transferred to unauthorized individual(s) will result in confiscation of the credential(s) and removal of the individual(s) from the show.

Press Room Hours

  • Thursday March 26, 8 AM - 6 PM
  • Friday March 27, 8 AM - 6 PM
  • Saturday March 28, 9 AM - 4 PM


  • South Wing Conference Room B105 (Between South Wing Lobbies A & B)


  • Toby Young
  • Exhibit Management Associates, Inc.
  • 1404 Browns Lane, Suite E
  • Louisville, KY 40207
  • local_phone502-899-3892

Digital Resources (Logos / Event Photos)

MATS Logo Terms of Use Agreement

“MATS”, “Mid-America Trucking Show", and the MATS logo are registered trademarks of Exhibit Management Associates, Inc. (EMA). Appropriate use of the trademarks is permitted for companies exhibiting at or sponsoring MATS, who wish to promote their participation in the show, and for media organizations covering MATS. Use of the trademarks is not permitted on any product or to be affiliated with any service, as such use might imply that the product or service has received the approval or endorsement of the show, it’s owners, sponsors, producers, etc. Refer to the Branding Guidelines for acceptable use and other trademark policies, incorporated by reference herein.

MATS Exhibitors/Sponsors may request permission to use the show name or logo on commemorative items to be given away to the show's attendees by the Exhibitor/Sponsor. The request should be made in writing to Toby Young at describing the proposed use, along with a statement that such items would not be sold at any time. At its sole discretion, EMA reserves the right to deny any request for any reason. EMA may revoke permission to use its trademarks at any time. Upon revocation, it is agreed that any and all of the trademarks use will stop immediately.

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High-Resolution Photos

We have made available official photos of the 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show. You can view all of the photos, and download hi-res versions, by clicking on the thumbnails below.